Tradesoft Company Confidentiality Statement
TRADESOFT EUROPE OÜ, a limited liability company, the registry code: 14306168, which has its principal place of business Sepapaja tn 6, Lasnamäe district, Tallinn, Harju county, 15551, Estonia (hereinafter "Tradesoft", "we", "us"), the company website is ("Service", "Internet site"). This Confidentiality Statement shall be applied to TRADESOFT EUROPE OÜ, validly registered in the Republic of Estonia, and also to the partner-companies, authorized by Tradesoft in accordance with the current legislation.
The current Statement can treat Tradesoft both as a whole group of partner-companies and as every single company, as applicable. To validate the full powers of the company-partner, you are entitled to apply via the email address given in Para 14 of the present Statement.
Tradesoft treats data confidentiality as the fundamental principle of conducting business. Our policy and methods of data protection make it aim to process, transfer and store personal data in an orderly and lawful manner in order to provide their confidentiality, inviolability and retention.
Tradesoft processes and stores personal data on the territory of the EU countries and at any moment can confirm statutory compliance with the EU as well as the principles given in this Statement. Our website as part of the EU law is maintained in accordance with the General Data Protection Rule (GDPR), (Order (EU) 2016/679), which shall be mandatory due to the legislative act. The GDPR introduces a number of new rules for individuals and expands certain rights given in Directive 95/46/EU. Directive 95/46/EU has become invalid since 25 May 2018.
This Confidentiality Statement constitutes the full version of the Confidentiality Statement, applied to the online activity of Tradesoft. The Statement interprets which types of information about our customers we collect in the online mode, and how we use this information.
The Confidentiality Statement refers to the sphere of responsibility of Tradesoft departments, whose responsibility shall constitute provision of its conformity with the law.
1. Definitions
Personal data
Personal data constitute data about a live human being who can be identified by means of these data.
Data of usage
Data about usage shall be automatically generated by the service or the service infrastructure.
Cookie files constitute small pieces of data, stored on the user’s device.
Data Controller
The Data Controller constitutes a party who (both independently and collaborately with other subjects) defines the target for which and in a certain way any personal data are processed. Within the present Confidentiality Statement we constitute your Data Controller.
Data processor (or service provider)
The Data Processor (or the service provider) constitutes any party (except for the Data Controller employee), who processes data on behalf of the Data Controller. We can use services of any service providers for more efficient data processing.
Data Object
Data Object is any person who constitutes a personal data subject.
The User is a person who uses our Service. The User is a data subject who constitutes a personal data subject.
2. Principles
Tradesoft Confidentiality Statement is based on the following principles:
  • a) Data processing shall be conducted validly, transparently and in good faith;
  • b) Personal data collection shall be conducted only for the intended, unmistakable and legitimate purpose and shall not imply additional data processing, not consistent with this purpose;
  • c) Personal data collection shall be appropriate, well-judged and be restricted only by the information necessary for the purpose, for which these data are collected;
  • d) Personal data shall be precise and be updated if necessary;
  • e) It is mandatory to take all reasonable measures, ensuring that inaccurate personal data, depending on their purpose of processing, shall be immediately deleted or corrected;
  • f) Personal data shall be stored in such a way so that a personal data subject can be identified for no longer than it is required to reach the purpose for which these data were collected;
  • g) All personal data shall be stored in such a way so that to provide their confidentiality and retention;
  • h) Personal data shall not be transferred to the third parties, except in cases when it is required to provide services on the terms of the agreement;
  • i) Data subjects shall have the right to access to personal data, to modify or delete them, to restrict their processing, to object to it and also the right to transfer data.
3. Personal data
Personal data substitute any information which can be referred to the identified or identifiable individual person (“data subject”). Personal data include all types of information, which can be expressly or implicitly (i.e. by means of other data) related to the data subject, such as: the name, date of birth, address, email, phone number, etc.
4. Data collecting
We receive and store all the information which you enter on the website or provide to Tradesoft by any other means, only to the extent that is necessary to provide services or to conduct contractual relationships with you. Hereafter, personal data can be collected and processed automatically when you use this Website (for instance, by means of cookie-files).
When you use the Website, we can collect, receive, store and process the following personal data:
  • a) name, surname;
  • b) date of birth;
  • c) gender;
  • d) citizenship;
  • e) mobile phone number;
  • f) postal address and e-mail address;
  • g) data about the documents necessary for the person identification (for instance, passport serial number, its expiry date);
  • h) system log files (IP address, browser type, pages of links /exit and URL-address, amount of clicks and means of your interaction with the Website, domain names, target pages /content, browsed pages /content, identifier and location of the device;
  • i) the User content (feedback and commentaries, which you upload on the Website);
  • j) the User behaviour (your actions on the platform, time and location of entrance, commentaries and loaded files);
  • k) any other information which you voluntarily leave on the Website. Such personal data can be collected by means of cookie files (see below).
Nevertheless, we shall use solely the information which is necessary to create a personal account. After creating the personal account, you can add any information, which you want to share with us.
The Internet site users, who would like to use our services and to provide us information, may be asked to provide personal data so that Tradesoft can conduct their work, provide services and improve them.
Tradesoft provides services in the sphere of software development in the sphere of selection, sales of car spare parts, projects and software monitoring, website development and providing other services in the sphere of IT business.
These services comprise a major sphere of Tradesoft activity. We collect personal data for other purposes, such as: statistics, administration and communication, IT and security management, authentication and validation systems, support systems. We process personal data only in the volume necessary for identified, definite and legitimate purposes, or in case it is required by the legislation of the countries we work in.
5. Use of personal data
We use personal data in the purposes for which they have been collected, and store them only during the period of time necessary to reach these goals. We can store information about the customer until the personal account of the customer is active or while it is necessary to provide services in accordance with our legal obligations or with any other of the abovementioned purposes. Access to personal data shall be provided solely to Tradesoft employees who have the required permit and the clear production necessity to access these data.
6. Use of cookies
Tradesoft uses cookies or similar technologies to provide the maximum convenience for the user and to analyse trends, to administer the website, to track the user navigation on the website. Cookies are small text files, located on the user’s device and are used to track tendencies of usage and to record preferences. Our cookie files do not contain information which can be used to identify people. We collect certain information automatically, using cookies and tracing technologies, e.g. the IP-address protocol (IP-address), browser type, Internet provider (ISP), access to /exit from pages, browsed files on our website (for instance, HTML-pages, images), operation system, date and time and /or click statistics to analyze trends in general and to administer the website. Users of the Internet site can control the usage of cookies independently by means of their browser. However, if the user should decide to disable cookies, this can lead to restriction of availability of some functions and the capacity of our website. For further information about cookies, please, follow the link:
7. Data processing security
Your data security is significant for us, although remember that neither way of data transferring on the Internet nor the electronic data warehouse can be 100% protected. Though we shall ensure to use commercially available means of your personal data protection, we cannot guarantee their absolute security.
We process personal data reliably, using appropriate technical and organizational means to protect personal data in case of unintentional or illegitimate deletion, accidental loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access, to be exact, if processing implies data transfer on the network, and also protection against any other kinds of illegitimate usage. Questions about personal data security can be sent to the email address given in Para 14 of this Statement.
8. Access to personal data, their modification or deletion
At any time, customers are entitled to demand access to information, and also to modify or delete any data processed by us. In order to help us provide data relevance, we shall recommend users to inform us about any changes or mismatches. To browse through and/ or modify your personal data, to get a reference about how long Tradesoft shall store your personal data, or request for information whether we store and process any of your personal data on behalf of the third party, and also concerning other issues connected with other questions regarding access to personal data, apply via the address given in Para 14 of this Statement.
9. Links to other websites
Remember that Tradesoft website can contain links to other websites, which are not regulated by this Confidentiality Statement, but can be regulated by other confidentiality statements which will frequently differ to some degree. We recommend users to examine the confidentiality policy of every visited website before disclosing any personal information.
10. Children
Tradesoft fully understands the importance of inviolability of children’s life, especially when dealing with means of electronic communication. Our electronic resources shall not be used by children younger than 13 years old. In accordance with our policy, we never collect or store information about people younger than 13 years old on purpose.
If you are a parent or a foster parent and you know that your children have provided us their personal data, please, contact us via the address given in Para 14 of this Statement. If you noticed that we collected your children’s personal data without having the parent’s approval, we shall take all measures necessary to delete this information from our servers.
11. Responsibility
Tradesoft shall enforce observing the legal requirements about security, storage and processing of personal data on the territory of the European Union in accordance with the GDPR and the principles given in the following Statement.
The Confidentiality Statement constitutes the sphere of responsibility of Tradesoft Legal Department. In case of any questions, referred to the following Statement, please contact us via the email given in Para 14 of the Statement.
12. Complains
Customers are entitled to file a complaint regarding their personal data processing. All complaints and requests must be addressed on a timely basis by the Legal Department in compliance with the internal regulations.
In case of highly improbable situation if the customer should be caused harm due to infringement of rights contemplated in the Statement about Data Security, and Tradesoft should not address the complaint in an orderly manner, the customer is entitled to file a complaint in the supervisory authority.
Complaints can be filed via the email given in Para 14 of the Statement.
13. Introducing amendments into the Statement
This Statement can be updated from time to time, for instance, in case of changes in the applicable law or Tradesoft structure. In case of introduction of any changes, the customers shall be notified either via email or by means of notification on the website before the changes go into effect. We recommend our customers to check our website regularly on the availability of the relevant information about our Confidentiality Statement.
14. Contact us
In case of any questions regarding this Confidentiality Statement, complaints regarding personal data processing, connected with access to personal data, deletion and storage of personal data, please contact us:
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