Identification Catalogs

Our E-Commerce platform accommodates a full range of auto parts online identification catalogs, linked directly to your webshop.
Auto parts catalogs contain databases with millions of spare parts, including their characteristics (code, name, installation location, etc.), organized into groups and subgroups, related to a specific car.
The OEM catalogs have filters to select your car model or enter your car VIN number. The catalogs display interactive illustrated diagrams of the car: engine, body, electrical, etc.
In the Aftermarket catalog, you can choose your category engine, body, electrical, etc. from a tree structure of a group with spare parts.

Oem identification

If your business is oriented toward selling original & aftermarket auto parts (B2B) you and your professional customers (garages, services, dealers) can use a dedicated OEM Catalog to identify auto parts.
The OEM catalogs are updated regularly and have an intuitive, convenient, and interactive interface.
OEM Catalogs allow identification of the original part code through a clear diagram. Choose your car model from the list or get all the data by VIN code.

OEM identification catalogs

Aftermarket identification

If your business is oriented toward selling original and aftermarket auto parts (B2C), you and your customers (individuals) can use a dedicated aftermarket catalog to identify aftermarket parts.
For an extensive range of auto parts and aftermarket analogs, we offer you various aftermarket catalogs, linked in the AutoResource platform.
The catalogs offer search by car model in a tree structure, containing categories and sub-categories.

Aftermarket identification catalogs

Benefits & advantages

1. Increase in sales volume
Increase sales volume by substantially increasing your potential customers. Searching for parts is simple and intuitive.
2. Increasing the competitiveness of the company
Connecting auto parts identification catalogs significantly reduces the workload. Attractive display interface for your auto parts store.
3. Minimize errors during orders
You will have minimal errors in the selection and ordering of auto parts, by managers and customers. Orders can be placed directly with suppliers.
4. Additional information
Auto catalogs make the independent search of customers much easier thanks to a convenient graphic structure of additional information.
5. Immediate access, quick search
Quick access to parts search and search results. Searching for spare parts becomes significantly easier if the part code is not known.
6. Always up-to-date information
You always have a reliable, intuitive database with clear, up-to-date information, which does not require additional costs for updating.