AutoResource E-Commerce platform

e-Commerce platform

We can fully customize AutoResource platform to meet your enterprise objectives and demands.
Following the free personal training and your personalization, the platform will be functional and ready-to-use.

  • Installation ready in just 2 days
  • Out-of-the-box online auto parts store
  • Any customization and enhancements
  • Free personal and video training
  • Easy migration from any software

AutoResource preview

e-Commerce platform to sell auto parts

AutoResource Features

1. Customized E-Commerce

We welcome challenges!
Our team can make AutoResource E-Commerce platform, completely customized, with individual design, specially tailored for you, to fit your business model.

Customized E-Commerce platform

2. SEO tools

Get your website to the TOP of Google thanks to our in-built SEO tools. Set up key parameters to improve the indexing:

  • Meta tags
  • H1 heading
  • Description
  • SEF URL settings
AutoResource reliable business solution

3. Regular updates

We continuously improve AutoResource to meet market demands.
Regular updates are included in every support plan.

regular updates

4. Rest API integration

AutoResource’s Rest API enables easy data exchange with any software, ensuring seamless integration and efficient transfer.

Rest API integration

5. Sell across the globe

Do business internationally at one mouse click. Our multilanguage and multicurrency modules will help you speak the client’s language and sell in any currency simultaneously.

Sell acrose the globe

6. Dealer network

Use our dealer module to expand your business globally in various cities and countries.
Unlock new growth opportunities and establish branches in multiple locations.

dealer network

7. Group price search

Wholesalers can place orders for a large number of auto parts at the same time through the group price search module.

boost sales globally

8. Order management

Manage orders with ease: assign and change order statuses, process payments and returns, track delivery, and connect payment systems.
You can send notifications about order status by email and SMS. All this makes working with clients fast and easy.

order management

Work with your Suppliers

Upload Price-list files:

- manually
- by email
- by FTP
- by URL

Activate API web-service:

- get parts code
- get prices
- get stock
- get parts info

Online API Suppliers

wholesale auto parts supply
wholsale online retailer
global auto parts supplier
online auto parts supplier
auto parts east FZCo
autonet group online supplier
supplier of auto parts
online spare parts supplier
online parts supplier
online auto parts supplier

Catalogs & services

Online OEM spare parts identification

Online OEM catalogs from are provided with original car brands & VIN-code. They are regularly updated and have an intuitive and interactive interface.
Online OEM car parts identification catalogs will let you find the original code of the required spare parts using a clear interactive diagram of the assemblies.
You choose a car model from the list or get all data by VIN-code (FRAME for Japanese cars). After indentification, with only one click, you can conduct a price search in the catalogs using the online store functions.
Car parts identification catalogs are actively used by sellers and other market professionals all over the world.
Adding Parts-Catalogs to third-party websites is a reasonable decision for any online store, together with other online services for the customer’s convenience.

Aftermarket spare parts identification

At your disposal, there is a complete and reliable database of aftermarket spare parts for most existing cars.
Your customer will easily find the necessary spare part, through a convenient search, by passenger vehicle brand, freight transport, component assemblies, engine numbers, or axle types
The online aftermarket auto parts catalog TecDOC includes data about almost all car brands and provides detailed information related to auto parts.
It helps to search for a spare part in a huge database of cars, trucks, and buses and provides access to spare part features, information, and photos.

Connect your supplier's portfolio

Increase your product range by connecting to suppliers’ websites. Customize your markups and delivery time.
Online price search is a service to integrate your E-Commerce platform with the websites of auto parts suppliers.
Get up-to-date information about the availability of auto parts and their aftermarket interchanges in suppliers’ warehouses, as well as relevant prices and delivery times.

Spare part technical data

Connect Web info service and get full information about auto parts with one mouse click. Detailed technical data will be displayed for accurate identification.
You can also use the applicability function to see at what car models the spare part fits.
Technical data provided:
- image
- weight
- characteristics
- applicability
- producer data

Integration with Payment services

paypal payment gateway

Buy AutoResource and get

Personal training

Technical Support:

  • Assists in project customization
  • Consults about the functionalities
  • Deals with technical issues
  • Emergency support 24/7 (website failures only)

Extra options:

  • Adoption & integration of the platform into a business workflow
  • Individual consultation and training: remote or personal
Video training
boost sales globally

Steps to start your project

Project installation

Depending on the purchased version (Rent or License and the Support Plan) our team will start installation of your project. You need a domain for your project or we can acquire one for you.
We take care of everything:
- server setting
- hosting preparation
- platform installation
- optimization
- security
- other services
After installation our Quality Assurance team will make the required tests, to ensure everything is correctly configured, and that installation meet the quality standards.
You get the details to acces your project.

Online training

After project installation is completed, you start the training to learn more about Platform Administration and how to make changes in your project.
The training have two parts:
1. Online video training: you will be guided step by step with online videos.
2. Personal online training: after you completed the online video training, you get two sessions with our trainer, to discuss more about the topics of your interest.
You can find below, the link to access the videos included in the online video training:
Online video training

Project personalization

You completed the training, so now you are ready to make changes in your projects like adding your company visual identity and your business workflow.
Our Support Team or you Sales Manager can offer you help and guidance in this process.
If you wish to make additional changes in your project you can contact our team to get consultation.

Project Up and running

You completed the personalization of your project, so now the platform is Up and running .
Your customers or potential customers can find your project online and can make orders.
AutoResource E-commerce platform offer various functionalities for your customers, and you can analyze your customers behavior and various statistics in AutoResource Report module.
Congratulations! You are now ready to do business online!